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Our Top 10 Anime Picks Of 2023

As December arrives, signalling the end of the year, it’s become a significant time for us. A group of long-time friends united to embark on a project fuelled by our deepest passions – Ganiming. We established a blog where we delved into writing articles about the subjects closest to our hearts. Recently, we took a …

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Top 10 Anime Rivalries

Anime is renowned for its exceptional portrayal of rivalries, harnessing the power of animation, compelling storytelling, and profound emotional expression. As viewers, we’re drawn into the journeys of our heroes and villains, finding them all the more captivating when they’re accompanied by a counterpart with a shared objective. It prompts us to question: whose approach …

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Top 10 Best Anime Swordsmen

Have you ever noticed that the cool guy in anime is usually a swordsman? Like their sword, they are edgy and sharp, because of that we can’t not love them. Popularity aside, we will look at top 10 anime swordsmen by their skill, power, and feats. Because of that criteria fan favourite swordsman Zoro, won’t …

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Top 10 best Anime Openings

Anime opening or OP is almost as important as the anime itself. Opening sets the tone, story and introduces the characters. It usually consists of hype music and animations, that helps to set the viewer back into the story world. While we had many great openings, here are the top 10 best anime openings.Openings are …

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Top 10 Best Animated Anime

Animation plays an important role in the world of anime, elevating storytelling and immersing viewers in extraordinary worlds beyond imagination. We explore the top 10 anime celebrated for their exceptional animation, where the animation reach unparalleled levels. 10. The Garden of Words The Garden of Words is a mesmerizing anime film that unfolds a tale …

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