Is Cyberpunk 2077 the BEST Game Available Right Now?
Cyberpunk 2077 first released back in 2020 and we all remember how that went. One of the most hyped and expected games of all time came out unfinished and poorly optimised, disappointing countless of excited...
Minecraft Monday: The End
The End Dimension. It is a goal all Minecraft players have in common. Every resource we collect, every piece of armor, weapons, or tools we craft is created with a goal in the back of our mind. And that...
Our Top 10 Anime Picks Of 2023
As December arrives, signalling the end of the year, it’s become a significant time for us. A group of long-time friends united to embark on a project fuelled by our deepest passions – Ganiming....
Minecraft Monday: The Nether
Every time you load up a new world in Minecraft, you always spawn somewhere new in a vast and seemingly unlimited world. With every seed unique from one other, you always feel you spawned somewhere else,...
Minecraft Monday: The Overworld
It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced Minecraft player or if you’ve just bought the game. Every time we create a new world or start a new server, our characters start in the same place: The Overworld....
Shangri-La Frontier
New VR MMO RPG Anime: Shangri-La Frontier
With the recent buzz surrounding spectacular anime such as Jujutsu Kaisen S2 and the last season of Attack on Titan, it’s easy to overlook the new releases this month. However, amidst the excitement,...
Minecraft Monday: Exploring the Woodland Mansion
There are two large randomly generated structures in Minecraft that spawn in the Overworld that are a lot more rare than the others. Between the Ocean Monument and the Woodland Mansion, the Woodland Mansion...
Minecraft Monday: Exploring the Desert Temple
This week we’re making a jump from one of my least favorite randomly generated structures to one of my favorites! While I do agree that the Desert Temple could use a bit more love by the developers just...
Anime Hater vs One Piece (Live Action)
You guys really have no idea how much my friends have been nagging me to give One Piece a try, especially since a lot of time has passed since my Attack on Titan review. And the release of Netflix’s live-action...
PC Gaming For Beginners
On Ganiming we cover a lot of anime and gaming stuff, but we didn’t cover any technical background yet. In this post we will cover stuff about gaming, more specifically gaming on pc. We will start with...
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