Minecraft Monday: The End

The End Dimension. It is a goal all Minecraft players have in common. Every resource we collect, every piece of armor, weapons, or tools we craft is created with a goal in the back of our mind. And that is to travel to The End and defeat the Ender Dragon. But even though defeating the Ender Dragon is the final objective, there is a whole world you get access to.

But once you finally do get to the full End dimension you find out that there is really not much to do there. Compared to the other dimensions that are a part of Minecraft, The End is lacking. While you can find arguably the best item in the game there, there realy is not much more to talk about. So, let’s talk about what this dimension has to offer and what it could be.

How to Access The End?

The End can only be accessed by finding and activating The End Portal in the Overworld. It is not that hard to do, but it takes times to gather all the resources and actually find it.

The End Portal spawns only in an underground structure named the stronghold. You can obviously run in to it by accident, but there is a more simple way to find it. Equip an ender eye in your hand and simply use it. It will fly in the direction of the stronghold. You’ll know you’re there when you throw it and it stays in place.

In the stronghold you will find the portal, which you can simply activate by filling all the slots with ender eyes. Some slots will most likely already be filled, depending on your luck. But in general there are 12 slots to be filled so make sure you have at least 12 ender eyes just in case. How do you obtain an ender eye? All you have to do is put an ender pearl and some blaze powder on your crafting bench and you will be able to craft an ender eye! You will have to travel to the Nether and find the Nether Fortress to get some blaze rods, which you can then turn into powder.

What Is The End Dimension?

The End is the third and final dimension Mojang added to the game (no, the Aether dimension isn’t real). It is a dark dimension which kind of reminds you of being in space. It is a dark void filled with islands made of end stone blocks, which are inhabited by the Endermen. There is no weather cycle so the ambiance si the same at all times.

There are two seperate areas in The End you can visit. The first one is the large island where you get to fight the Ender Dragon, the big bag evil guy of Minecraft (yes, that is a DnD reference). The island is surrounded with large pillars made of obsidian, and at the center you will see a small bedrock pit where you will most likely be doing most of the fighting. Once you beat the Ender Dragon two portals will open. One will take you back to your spawn point while the other will let you travel to the rest of The End dimension.

After beating the Ender Dragon, a vast and quite a barren End will unlock for you. There you will see a ton of end stone islands filled with Endermen and some chorus tree forests. Even though there are five biomes in The End on paper, I can usually not tell the difference between them. But there is a structure that you can find when exploring The End where you can find some pretty awesome loot.

The End City

If you ask me, the End City is the only reason that makes exploring The End worth it. It is a structure resembling a castle that can be found while exploring the outer islands. It is inhabited by shulkers, which can be used to create shulker boxes. Those can come in pretty, seeing they function like a portable chest. You can also find some prett good loot while exploring the City.

But the main reason we all search for the City is to find the Elytra. Not every End City will house this legendary item, as you will have to look out for the one that has an End Ship docked in it. It is a floating ship, there is no other way to describe it. Don’t worry though, there are also some loot chests that can spawn in the treasure room next to the elytra.

Mojang Please Rework The Dimension!

This just about wraps up everything there is to do in The End. I feel there is a lot of potential for The End to be a dimension people enjoy visiting and not just a necessary annoying trip they have to make because they want to fly. That is also the reason some of my favorite Minecraft mods are ones that focus on adding content to The End, or even completely remastering it.

I can already imagine beautiful forests with reworked chorus trees filled with unique wild life. Larger city-like biomes where endermen live, and a huge castle filled with new and dangerous mobs and traps you have to overcome before finally getting the elytra. Who knows, perhaps even the Ender Dragon fight could use some spicing up. One thing I think we can all agree on is that the current state od The End is sad and boring, with exploration feeling more like a task than an adventure. It could definitely use some love by the developers.


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