Top 10 Anime Pet Companions

Anime pet can steal your heart as easily as a cute doggo walking down the path. In the anime world pets are often more than just animals, they are a companion or even family to our heroes. From loyal sidekicks to mystical creatures, we will cover top 10 that stand out in our hearts.

10. Patamon from Digimon

Patamon is adorable and loyal Digimon partner to T.K. Takaishi. With its small, winged appearance and endearing personality, Patamon quickly became a fan favourite.

Throughout the series, Patamon undergoes significant growth, evolving into more powerful forms, each step highlighting its determination and courage. Its unwavering loyalty to T.K. makes it a great companion.

Patamon’s emotional depth shines through moments of sacrifice and selflessness. Its presence adds both light humour and heartfelt moments to the series.

9. Kirara from Inuyasha

Kirara is delightful and mystical animal in the anime series Inuyasha. The two-tailed demon cat serves as the faithful companion of Sango, the demon slayer.

Despite her small size and adorable appearance, Kirara possesses formidable power. She can transform into a much larger and more powerful form when the situation demands it. This transformation highlights her vital role in battles alongside the group.

Kirara is also unwavering loyal to Sango and the rest of the group. Her perceptive and empathetic nature often comforts and supports her companions during challenging times.

Throughout the series, Kirara’s character remains a symbol of friendship and devotion, reminding viewers of the strength found in the bonds between humans and their beloved pets.

8. Pen Pen from Neon Genesis Evangelion

Pen Pen, the delightful and peculiar characte, stands out as a charming and enigmatic pet companion. While the show itself delves into complex and intense themes, Pen Pen brings a touch of light-heartedness to the series.

He is a warm-water penguin living in a domestic environment. His presence in Misato Katsuragi’s apartment adds a unique and humorous element to the story. Comical antics, such as watching TV or drinking beer, provide moments of levity amid the dark and intense atmosphere of the anime.

Pen Pen occasionally displays a surprising level of intelligence, understanding, and even some insightful moments, adding an intriguing layer to his character.

More than just comic relief, Pen Pen becomes a symbol of comfort and familiarity in the tumultuous world of Evangelion.  He provides solace to Misato and the other characters during their struggles and emotional hardships.

7. Meowth from Pokemon

Meowth our mischievous and talkative Pokemon, holds a special place in our hearts. Unlike most Pokemon, Meowth possesses the unique ability to speak human language, a trait that sets it apart from others of its species.

As a member of Team Rocket, a group of villains, he attempted to capture Pikachu to achieve fame and fortune. Meowth’s loyalty to Team Rocket and his teammates, Jessie and James, often led to moments of empathy and camaraderie.

Meowth’s back story had everyone in tears. As a non-talking Meowth was trying to impress a female named Meowzie. In a desperate bid to be more human-like and win her affection, Meowth taught himself to speak, but his efforts only resulted in rejection, leaving him heartbroken.

Throughout the Pokémon series, Meowth’s comedic charm, witty remarks, and unexpected moments of tenderness endeared it to audiences of all ages. Its presence brought laughter and heart to the adventures of Ash and his friends, making Meowth an iconic and cherished part of the Pokémon universe.

6. Sadaharu from Gintama

Sadaharu is the oversized and endearing Inugami (dog god). Originally a feared guardian deity, Sadaharu ends up becoming a part of the Odd Jobs Gin-chan crew, bringing joy and chaos to their daily lives.

Despite its fearsome appearance, Sadaharu’s gentle nature and affectionate behaviour make it an adorable and essential member of the group. Its penchant for devouring anything and everything, including inedible objects, often leads to hilarious situations and provides comedic relief throughout the series.

Sadaharu’s close bond with the main characters highlights the importance of found family and the strength of their friendship. Its interactions with Kagura create a heartwarming dynamic, making them a unique duo.

This giant dog’s love for its friends and its willingness to protect them, despite its lack of understanding of human customs, demonstrate the sincerity and loyalty of its character.

In addition to its adorable nature, Sadaharu’s strength and combat prowess come into play during intense battles, proving to be a formidable ally.

5. Hawk from 7 Deadly Sins

Hawk is the lovable and boisterous talking pig. Serving as the mobile bar and mascot of the Boar Hat tavern, Hawk accompanies Meliodas, the captain of the Seven Deadly Sins, on their perilous adventures.

Despite his diminutive size and porcine appearance, Hawk proves to be a valuable member of the group, showcasing unexpected bravery when the situation calls for it.

Hawk’s personality and humorous one-liners provide comedic relief. He even earned the nickname Lord of Scraps Disposal. His witty banter with other characters, particularly with Meliodas and Elizabeth, adds levity to the series and enhances the camaraderie among the group.

Beyond his comedic traits, Hawk’s devotion to his friends is heartwarming. He cares deeply and is willing to go to great lengths to protect them. Throughout the series, Hawk’s character undergoes growth and development, showcasing moments of bravery and self-sacrifice.

4. Akamaru from Naruto

Loyal and adorable ninja dog named Akamaru is a companion to Kiba in anime Naruto. Akamaru is a small white puppy with distinctive red markings.  But with Kiba’s ability to grow larger using the Beast Human Clone he can transform. This transformation not only showcases his impressive combat skills but also deepens the bond between them.

Akamaru’s acute senses make him a valuable asset in tracking missions. His sharp nose and heightened hearing prove essential for the success of Team Kurenai.

As the series progresses, Akamaru’s growth and development as both a ninja and a companion become evident. His unwavering loyalty and dedication to Kiba serve as a symbol of true friendship.

3. Frosch from Fairy Tale

As a member of the Exceed race, anthropomorphic cat-like creatures, Frosch serves as the loyal companion of the guild Sabertooth’s strongest member, Rogue Cheney.

Frosch’s childlike innocence and naivety make it a delightful and comic relief character in the often intense and action-packed world of Fairy Tail. Its speech pattern, referring to itself in the third person, adds to its charm, creating many amusing and heartwarming moments.

Frosch sometimes struggles to grasp the complexity of the human world, leading to humorous misunderstandings and interactions with other characters. Its innocence and pure heart, however, endear it to both friends and foes alike.

Frosch’s loyalty to Rogue is unwavering, and their bond serves as a touching example of the deep connections formed between humans and Exceeds. Rogue’s protectiveness and care for Frosch demonstrate the strong camaraderie within the guild.

The contrast between Frosch’s cute appearance and the fierce reputation of Sabertooth adds an interesting dynamic to the guild, reinforcing the idea that appearances can be deceiving and that true strength lies in the bonds of friendship and trust.

Frosch’s role in Fairy Tail goes beyond being a sidekick, it is a symbol of innocence, friendship, and the power of kindness in the face of adversity.

2. Kon from Bleach

Kon, the humorous and spirited mod-soul, is a standout character in the anime series Bleach. Created to inhabit artificial human bodies, Kon finds himself trapped in the body of a stuffed lion plushie.

Initially, Kon’s comedic antics and personality clash with Ichigo’s serious nature, leading to hilarious situations as he struggles to adapt to his new reality.

As the series progresses, Kon’s character develops and gains a deeper sense of purpose. Despite his goofy demeanour, he demonstrates bravery and loyalty to Ichigo and his friends, putting himself at risk to protect them on numerous occasions.

Kon’s interactions with the Soul Reapers and Ichigo’s family members further add to the humorous moments in Bleach. His crush on the Soul Reaper lieutenant, Rangiku Matsumoto, creates entertaining and awkward situations.

Despite his small size and lack of combat abilities, Kon’s unwavering determination and courage make him an essential member of Ichigo’s team. His unique abilities as a mod-soul, such as soul candy transformation, occasionally prove instrumental in resolving critical situations.

Overall, Kon’s lovable and zany personality, coupled with his growth as a character, solidifies his position as a beloved and iconic character in Bleach.

1.  Chopper from One Piece

Chopper, the adorable reindeer from the anime One Piece, has won the hearts of fans with his charming personality and remarkable abilities. As the doctor of the Straw Hat Pirates, Chopper brings medical expertise to the crew.

Originally a regular reindeer, Chopper ate the Human-Human Fruit, a Devil Fruit that granted him the ability to transform into a human-reindeer hybrid. This unique transformation allows Chopper to communicate with humans.

Despite his incredible powers, Chopper remains humble and timid, adding a relatable and lovable element to his character. He has a strong sense of empathy and often prioritizes the well-being of his friends over his own safety.

Chopper’s cute appearance and childlike innocence contrast with the dangerous and adventurous world. His interactions with the crew reflect the familial bond they share and add heartwarming dynamics to the group.

Beyond his role as the crew’s doctor, Chopper is known for his impressive transformations, each with unique abilities. His Monster Point transformation, while powerful, also poses a significant risk to his health, emphasizing the sacrifices he is willing to make for his friends.

Throughout the series, Chopper’s character evolves, becoming more confident and skilled in both medicine and combat. His dream of becoming a renowned doctor who can cure any disease resonates with viewers, symbolizing the pursuit of ambition and the willingness to overcome challenges. Chopper’s presence in One Piece exemplifies the importance of diversity, friendship, and self-acceptance. His journey from a timid reindeer to a valued member of the Straw Hat Pirates makes him a cherished and iconic character in the grand adventure.


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