Minecraft Monday: Exploring the Desert Temple

This week we’re making a jump from one of my least favorite randomly generated structures to one of my favorites! While I do agree that the Desert Temple could use a bit more love by the developers just like the Jungle Temple, it still feels like an irreplaceable structure in Minecraft. When you look at it from the outside you can already see it looks like more than just regular cobblestone walls put together.

Although it doesn’t really look like the Woodland Mansion or the Ocean Monument that’s understandable, as I view them as larger and more unique structures anyway. The only regular structures in the game I would even consider putting above the Desert Temple would be the Nether Fortress and maybe the Bastion Remnant, but it’s debatable.

What is a Desert Temple in Minecraft

Desert Temple is a randomly generated structure in Minecraft, which can only be found while wandering the desert biome. Sometimes it’s referred to as a Desert Pyramid in case you ever get confused. It is built mostly of sandstone, although you can find some decorative terracotta in there. It is supposed to represent an excavation site.

When you first enter the temple, you will seemingly only see one chamber, but there is more to the Desert Temple than meets the eye. If you break the block in the middle of the floor, you will see fall straight down to a hidden chamber with 4 chests. But there is a pressure plate on the floor, which you DO NOT want to step on. The pressure plate triggers the TNT booby trap which will destroy both you and the loot you are looking for.

You can also find a secret room in the back of the Desert Temple, buried in the sand. The room is 5×5 blocks in length and is connected to the main floor with collapsed stairs. The room got added alongside the archaeology additions in the 1.20 update, so if you already have some archaeology tools go on and explore that!

The loot can come quite in handy, as it has a chance to contain powerful items that can make your early game a lot easier. Some of the best things you could find are enchanted books, enchanted gear, emeralds, diamonds, and even the Dune Armor Trim Smithing Template.

How to Prepare For the Desert Temple

Depending on your spawn, you can access the Desert Temple in the first couple of minutes while loading into your new world. It is not particularly dangerous if you don’t care about some fall damage and if you know how to avoid the TNT trap. You don’t need armor or weapons to get through, but you should still have a couple of things with you to save yourself a second trip!

Fall damage – when you try to enter the treasure room at the bottom of the Desert Temple, there will be quite a fall separating you from loot. If you decide to take the jump you will take fall damage, but you should survive. If you want to minimize the fall damage you take, then make sure to have properly enchanted boots, or some other way of preventing fall damage (water bucket, hay bale)

Pickaxe – you should always have a pickaxe on your person. That way you can try and dig yourself out of the treasure room if you have no other options. You can even use it to destroy the pressure plate to disable the TNT trap and not worry about blowing up yourself and the whole Desert Temple.

Blocks – a stack of placeable blocks can always come in handy. You can use it to climb back out of the treasure room, or maybe even soften your fall.

Archaeology tools – with 1.20 update the secret room where you can excavate items was added. Make sure you are equipped with the brush before exploring it so you don’t miss out on any unique loot.

Final Thoughts

Desert Temple is an awesome structure to have in Minecraft. Both regular players and speedrunners are always happy to run into them, as they have a chance to offer strong items for little to no risk. Not to mention, the desert in Minecraft is basically a barren wasteland with a couple of cactuses. Seeing a Desert Temple in the distance usually brings us joy as we feel we are not completely cut off from the world.


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