Minecraft Monday: Cool Mods to spice up your game!

Minecraft is a game that is never the same. Every time you load up a new world, it randomly generates your world to give you a new experience! But even with random world creation, every Minecraft world kind of goes down the same path. You scavenge for resources, set up your gear, explore the Nether, upgrade your gear and gain new resources, get to the End, and defeat the Ender Dragon. But what if you could load into a new survival world and have absolutely no idea what to expect?

There is a solution: Mods! In this article, we will talk about some of the most popular mods you can add to your Minecraft server that will make you feel like you are playing a completely new game! Let us know in the comments below which mod is your favorite!

1. Oh the Biomes You’ll Go

Oh the Biomes You’ll Go is an exploration and adventure mod, where you can explore over 80 breathtaking biomes, ranging from Overworld to the End. The mod is available both on Forge and Fabric. It includes a large selection of wood types, plants, trees, and blocks! The mod is perfect for explorers and those who think there isn’t enough wood to punch in the vanilla version of the game. The mod was updated up to the version 1.19.2 of the game at the creation of this article.

2. Biomes O’ Plenty

Biomes O’ Plenty is one the most well known Biome mods available. It adds over 80 new Biomes for both Overworld and the Nether, but does not focus on the End. The mod doesn’t add taht many new block types, outside of some wood types and leaves. It’s main advantage is taht it is one of the most supported mods, when it comes to compatibility with other mods. But sadly, it is only available for Forge users.

3. End Remastered

End Remastered actually makes finding the End portal fun! It completely overhauls how you find the End dimension. One of the biggest changes is, that traditional Ender Eyes are no longer requiered for the portal. Instead, you have to find 16 new eyes, which are provided with this mod. The eyes can be found exploring both the Overworld and Nether. You’re going to need 12 different eyes to unlock the End portal and get to that damn Dragon!

With the newly added End Crystal ore (which can be found in the Nether, you can craft a new set of armor and tools. It provides around the same stats as Netherite armor, but you’ll receive the regeneration buff after criting.

The Mod is available for both Forge and Fabric, up to the 1.19.4 version!

4. The Lost Castle

Previously a part of the End Remastered mod, The Lost Castle is now a stand alone Mod! it introduces an enormous castle, that you’ll be able to find with the help of a map given by a journeyman cartographer. Inside you can find limitless fortune and mysteries from a long forgotten civilization taht disappeared a long time ago. But stay on your toes, as the castle is guarded by Illagers that won’t give on their fortune no matter what it takes.

The Mod is available for both Forge and Fabric, up to the 1.19.2 version!

5. Alex’s Mobs

Alex’s Mobs adds 89 new mobs to Minecraft, both real world creatures and purely fictional ones. Aall of these creatures have a specific purpose, as they have unique drops, mechanics or functions. A lot of the added mobs are hostile, so be careful when interacting with them! Following the traditional vanilla Minecraft rules, rare or endangered animals do not have drops taht can be obtained by killing them – but you can perform a specific action to get it!

When you join a world with the mod enabled, you will be given the Animal Dictionary. It is a basic guide to all the creatures added so you know what to expect from them. The mod is intended to be used alongside other mods, including the ones that add new biomes and dimensions!

The mod is currently only available on Forge, and is compatible up to the game version 1.19.4!

6. Twilight Forest

The Twilight Forest is a new dimension, which can be accessed by creating a portal pictured above, and with tossing a diamond in the middle. Inside you’ll find a magical world, featuring new mobs, biomes, dungeons and many new items. It’s an amazing bioem for exploration, as you’ll also find new bosses inside which have progression (you need to beat one boss to reach the next).

The Mod is available both in Forge and Fabric, and is comaptible up to the game version 1.19.4!


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