Minecraft Tuesday: Exploring the Jungle Temple

I know I know, A Minecraft post on a Tuesday? What the hell happened to Minecraft Mondays? Don’t worry, starting next week we will be back on our regular schedule talking about Minecraft every single Monday. Not only that, but we will also be posting a lot more from now on, as we have a lot of new topics to talk about right here on Ganiming!

After a week’s break, we will finally talk about another randomly generated structure in Minecraft: the Jungle Temple. Even though it’s been in the game for quite a while jsut like Mineshafts, I feel like this is the structure I almost never venture into. Have you ever explored it? Well, you’re in luck! Let’s talk about what waits for you hidden in the heart of the jungle.

What is a Jungle Temple?

A Jungle Temple sometimes referred to as a Jungle Pyramid, is a randomly generated structure that generates, who would have guessed, in the jungle biome. The Temple usually consists of stone bricks, mossy stone bricks, mossy cobblestone, cracked stone bricks, and chiseled stone bricks. It is usually surrounded by extremely dense trees, bushes, and even vines that hide it from plain sight.

It consists of three floors, which are all connected via staircases. On the inside, you can find multiple secret rooms, puzzles, and even traps. If you wish to uncover the treasure hidden from the outside world you will have to channel your inner Indiana Jones and make it through the Temple defenses alive.

But traps are not the only dangers that lurk in the darkness of the Jungle Temple, as hostile mobs spawn there as well. Basically, any hostile mob that normally spawns in Overworld during nighttime can ruin your day.

If I’m being completely honest, the treasure you find in the Jungle Temple is not worth all the trouble you have to go through. The most valuable things you can find there you can find basically anywhere else, such as emeralds, gold ingots, diamonds, and iron ingots. The thing I would want to get from there the most would probably be the horse armor and the contraptions that were used to make traps in the Jungle Temple.

How To Prepare For the Jungle Temple?

Jungle Temple is not among the most commonly generated structures, so oftentimes you will run into it with full gear already. But if you do find it early, you don’t really need that much gear to explore it. You should be fine as long as you navigate all the traps carefully and if you make you light up the way properly.

Iron pickaxe – at least one pickaxe of iron or better quality. You may find a lot of ore that can only be mined by using a good enough pickaxe, so make sure you don’t have to leave it just lying there.

Torches – a lot of traps and sneaky mobs may be hidden in the darkness, so bringing a lot of torches along will drastically increase your chances of survival

FoodFood is another thing you always have to keep track of. Most likely you will take damage when dealing with all the mobs and traps down there, so make sure you have enough food to heal right back up!

Shield – You don’t really need a lot of armor to explore a Jungle Temple, I usually just put on whatever I’ve managed to steal from the villagers and that’s it. But a shield is something I would consider essential. It will protect you from almost anything that can come at you in a Jungle Temple.

Final Thoughts

In all my years of playing Minecraft, I’m really not sure if I’ve explored the Jungle Temple 3 times in total. It’s just a small structure with no real meaning behind it, which I feel got ran over by time. Mojang completely forgot about it, and it even looks like something a 5-year-old would build.

I really hope the developers decide to update it as soon as possible. I believe Jungle as a whole is fine and doesn’t need an update, although I wouldn’t be opposed to some more actual jungle mobs being added. But the Jungle Temple definitely needs some love, as I think it is the structure every Minecraft player would miss the least.


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