Black Clover: Sword of the Wizard King Review

Black Clover Movie Review

After 170 episodes, the anime is getting a highly anticipated movie sequel, bringing fans a new level of excitement.

Spoilers warning!

The Clover Kingdom is celebrating and watching the Triumph, a fighting tournament held every ten years. However, the first match is interrupted by the return of Conrad Leto, the 27th Wizard King who had been sealed away by Julius Novachrono for turning against the kingdom. Together with the Imperial Sword “Elsdocia”, Conrad has revived three dead Wizard Kings. Asta and the other Magic Knights must find a way to stop the Wizard Kings from destroying the Clover Kingdom.


Before we dive deeper into the story, you can watch the trailer bellow.

Summary of the story so far

Black Clover is an anime series set in a world where magic is a fundamental aspect of society. The story follows Asta, a young boy born without any magical abilities in a world where magical talent is everything. Despite this setback, Asta dreams of becoming the Wizard King, the highest-ranking mage in the Clover Kingdom. While Asta’s brother, Yuno, possesses exceptional magical talent and is hailed as a prodigy. The two brothers become rivals sharing the same dream.

Magic Knight squads

As Asta and Yuno reach the age of 15, they receive their grimoires, magical books that grant them unique powers. Yuno receives a rare and powerful four-leaf clover grimoire, symbolizing great potential. Asta, on the other hand, is bestowed with a mysterious and rare five-leaf clover grimoire. It is said that it contains an ancient demon inside of it.

After the entrance exam, Asta joins the Black Bulls, a notorious Magic Knight squad known for their misfit members and unruly behavior. Led by Captain Yami, the Black Bulls become Asta’s new family, accepting him despite his lack of magic and supporting his dream of becoming the Wizard King. Yuno on the other hand joins the Golden Dawn, number one squad.


Throughout the series, Asta faces numerous challenges and battles against powerful adversaries. As a non-magic user, Asta relies on his immense physical strength and relentless determination to overcome obstacles. His weapon of choice is anti-magic sword.

The overarching plot of Black Clover revolves around the threat posed by the Eye of the Midnight Sun, a group of mages seeking to overthrow the Clover Kingdom. Led by the enigmatic Licht and his lieutenant, Patri, the Eye of the Midnight Sun aims to gather all the magic stones, powerful artifacts that can summon an ancient and destructive demon.

As Asta and his friends uncover the truth behind the Eye of the Midnight Sun, they learn about the existence of a larger conspiracy involving the dark triad, a group of powerful mages from the neighbouring Spade Kingdom. The dark triad seeks to invade and conquer the Clover Kingdom, utilizing forbidden magic and demonic forces.

In their quest to protect the Clover Kingdom, Asta and his comrades form alliances with other Magic Knight squads, including the Golden Dawn, the Silver Eagles, and the Crimson Lions. They face intense battles against formidable foes, both within the kingdom and beyond its borders.

Amidst the chaos, Asta’s determination and unwavering spirit inspire those around him, fostering powerful friendships and unlocking hidden potential within his allies. Asta’s unyielding belief in never giving up and the bonds he forms become essential in facing the challenges ahead.

As the series progresses, Asta gradually discovers the true nature of his demon dweller sword, its ties to the first Wizard King, and the ancient battle between demons and humans. He learns to control his demonic powers and forms a unique partnership with the Anti-Magic Devil residing within his grimoire.

The story takes dramatic turns as secrets are unveiled, alliances are forged, and the fate of the Clover Kingdom hangs in the balance. Asta’s journey to become the Wizard King becomes intertwined with the greater destiny of the magical world.

Black Clover Movie – Sword of the Wizard King

The movie begins with the resurgence of Conrad Leto, the former Wizard King of the Clover Kingdom, who had been imprisoned by the current king, Julius Novachrono. Conrad reveals his true intentions of creating a new society by eliminating everyone and resurrecting only those deemed worthy. Equipped with the Sword of the first Wizard King, Conrad, along with three resurrected ex-Wizard Kings—Edward Avalache, Jester Garandaros, and Princia Funnybunny—pose a grave threat.

Meanwhile, the Clover Kingdom hosts the highly anticipated Triumph, a fighting competition held every decade in the Coliseum. The opening match features a showdown between rivals Yuno and the “The masked one”, later revealed to be Asta. However, chaos ensues as Conrad and the ex-Wizard Kings interrupt the battle, setting the stage for an epic clash between the Magic Knights and the powerful adversaries.

Powers and abilities of the Ex-Wizard King

Conrad demonstrates his mastery over Key magic, enabling him to manipulate and control magical rifts with remarkable precision. He can open and close these portals at will, showcasing his immense power. Not only that, Conrad’s Key magic also allows him to store and utilize the magic of others, amplifying his own strength.

Edward Avalache, one of the resurrected Wizard Kings, possesses the formidable ability to manipulate ice magic. His control over this elemental magic proves to be a formidable challenge for his adversaries.

Jester Garandaros showcases his skill in barrier magic, erecting impregnable defenses and attacks.

Princia Funnybunny exhibits her command over legion magic, a unique and versatile form of magic that allows her to summon and control multiple chess pieces simultaneously. These legions  are an army under her command, amplifying her offensive and defensive capabilities.


Following a strategic retreat, Asta, Yuno, and their allies regroup to devise a plan to thwart Conrad’s apocalyptic ambitions. Asta, driven by his aspiration to become the Wizard King, proposes a united front, urging all the Magic Knight Squads to put aside their differences and join forces against Conrad.

As the speech takes place, few of the squad Captains and Mereoleona join them and together they form a plan. Firstly, they took back the Black Bulls HQ, which operated by a Bull member Henry, can transform into a quite a transportation. Now, equipped for the intrusion, our team starts the attack.

The ex-Wizard Kings are strong, so the best bet is to separate them as fast as possible.

Attack of the Clover forces

Black Bulls captain Yami, Crimson Lion captain Fuegoleon Vermillion, Silver Eagle captain Nozel Silva and Yuno take fight vs Jester Garandaros and his formidable barrier magic.

The rest of the Black Bulls work to distract Edward Avalache and his ice magic.

Meanwhile, the formidable Mereoleona engages in a breathtaking one-on-one battle against Princia Funnybunny and her legion magic.

In the climactic showdown, Asta confronts Conrad, who wields the mighty Imperial Sword “Elsdocia” to carry out his plans. Elsdocia, infused with the collective power of the Wizard Kings, poses a formidable challenge. But Asta, with dreams of becoming a next Wizard King, overcomes Conrad and defends the Clover Kingdom.

Our take on the Black Clover movie

The Black Clover movie delivers an action-packed cinematic experience with a straightforward yet solid storyline that sets the stage for a series of relentless battles. From the opening moments, viewers are treated to a visually stunning feast for the eyes. The animations in Black Clover are exceptional, immersing the audience in a fantastical world of magic. Each fight scene is meticulously crafted, showcasing dynamic combat manoeuvres, awe-inspiring magical abilities, and visually striking effects. The animations bring the intense battles to life, capturing the raw power and emotions of the characters as they clash with their adversaries.

What sets the animation style of Black Clover apart is its unique and captivating visual presentation. The distinct character designs, vivid colour palettes, and imaginative magical manifestations create an extraordinary experience. From Asta’s iconic anti-magic swords to Edward Avalache’s intricate ice constructs, the animations capture the essence of each character’s abilities in a visually distinct and memorable way. The attention to detail in capturing the nuances of magic adds depth to the overall visual spectacle.

While the movie primarily focuses on action, it also incorporates quieter moments that provide brief respites between the intense battles. These moments allow for character interactions and glimpses into the bonds that unite the Magic Knight squads. While character development may not be as extensive as in the main series, these moments offer depth to the overall experience and serve as welcome breaks from the relentless action.

In conclusion, the Black Clover movie fulfils its promise of thrilling fights and showcases outstanding and unique animations that captivate the audience. The simplistic yet solid storyline serves as a backdrop for the relentless battles, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats. Although character development takes a backseat, the charismatic protagonist and the bonds between the characters shine through. With its visually stunning animations and exhilarating action sequences, the Black Clover movie delivers an adrenaline-pumping and visually captivating experience that both fans of the series and lovers of action-packed anime will undoubtedly enjoy.

where and When can i watch the movie?

Right now on Netflix!

Black Clover new season

There is no official release date, but fans are hopping that season 5 will come out in 2024.


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