Minecraft Tuesday: Exploring the Jungle Temple
I know I know, A Minecraft post on a Tuesday? What the hell happened to Minecraft Mondays? Don’t worry, starting next week we will be back on our regular schedule talking about Minecraft every single Monday....
Minecraft Monday: Exploring the Mineshaft
We’ve all run into a Mineshaft before during our Minecraft playthroughs. It usually goes like this: We start a new Minecraft server and pretty soon we figure out that we need a ton of resources. The best...
Top 10 Pirate Ships In One Piece
Ahoy, matey! Set sail on a swashbuckling adventure through the Grand Line as we unveil the top One Piece ships. Each vessel, more than mere wood and iron, represent their crew and the captain itself. From...
Minecraft Monday: Minecraft Live 2023
Minecraft Live 2023 came and went, and we finally got some news on the next major update Mojang plans to release in the middle of next year! The developers talked about the winner of last week’s...
Minecraft Monday: Mob Vote 2023 is Almost Here!
It’s that time of the year again, the mob vote 2023 is finally here! As per tradition, we Minecraft fans get to vote for one of the available mobs to be added to the game in the following update. After...
A New Era Begins: Mortal Kombat 1 Review
The Mortal Kombat franchise has been around for over 30 years already, which makes it older than me! While I was growing up, a Mortal Kombat game has always been around somewhere. Even though I was never...
Tokyo Revengers: Tenjiku Arc Episode 1 – Recap And Review
Tokyo Revengers is back! As we announced last week, new season and new arc came out yesterday 3.10.2023. If you want to read more about that post, you can access it here! You will find some basic information...
Minecraft Monday: Exploring the Bastion Remnant
In the Nether Update a couple of years back, some new mobs were added that make life in the Nether seem more diverse. But some mobs also make your life harder. Piglins are such mobs, as they will mercilessly...
Top 10 Anime Rivalries
Anime is renowned for its exceptional portrayal of rivalries, harnessing the power of animation, compelling storytelling, and profound emotional expression. As viewers, we’re drawn into the journeys...
Minecraft Monday: How to Get Elytra in Minecraft
I know, you want to fly in Minecraft. Luckily, Mojang has provided us with an item that can let you do just that. Elytra is a late-game game item, that you can find by exploring the End Dimension. But...
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