Minecraft Monday: Exploring the Bastion Remnant

In the Nether Update a couple of years back, some new mobs were added that make life in the Nether seem more diverse. But some mobs also make your life harder. Piglins are such mobs, as they will mercilessly attack you if you do not wear any gold. It is only natural Piglins also have their own base where they hoard which are called Bastion Remnants. But are you prepared to explore it for the first time?

What is a Bastion Remnant?

Bastion Remnant is a large randomly generated structure, which appears in the form of a castle. It can be found in any of the Nether biomes, except for the basalt deltas. Bastion remnants always generate as 4 types of structures: hoglin stables, bridges, housing units, and treasure rooms. Many dangerous mobs spawn there, including Piglins, Piglin brutes, and hoglins. Bastion remnants are also the only place where you can find gilded blackstone blocks, the Pigstep music, the snout banner pattern and armor trim, and the netherite upgrade smithing template.

How to Find the Bastion Remnant?

Bastion remnants can spawn in every biome except for the basalt deltas. The Bastion remnant follows similar rules as the Nether Fortress when it comes to generating, so all you have to do is persistently search for it!

What Do You Need Before Making the Trip?

The Bastion remnant is located in the Nether, which is arguably the most dangerous place for a Minecraft player to explore. Even with proper gear the unpredictable terrain and annoying mobs can still lead to you trying to swim in lava. So, make sure you don’t handicap yourself for no reason and are as prepared as possible.

Weapons & Gear

Piglins and Hoglins are hardly the only threats that lurk in the Nether. There are also Zombie Pigmen which will relentlessly hunt you down if you hit one of them. Don’t even get me started on the Ghasts just floating around and being sad.

I recommend you get yourself a full set of armor of at least iron quality. Make sure one of your armor pieces is gold, as that will keep the Piglins from attacking you. You will also want to bring along every one of your standard tools (except for the hoe) and your melee weapons. Your bows and crossbows can be real lifesavers, as they allow you to kite a lot of hostiles. Make sure every piece of equipment you bring along is properly enchanted for maximum efficiency.


Food is probably the most important thing you could think to bring with you when exploring the Nether. Your hunger bar depletes faster because of all the heat so you might need even more than usual. The good news is you can find food in the Nether! Hoglins that you kill drop pork chops so that can replenish your supply if you start running low. But don’t count on it, as they can be quite hard to kill.

Bring Extra Protection

If you want to feel extra safe against the mobs of Nether, bringing a Totem of Undying is never a bad idea. It will give a free get-out-of-jail card if you manage to take fatal damage from hostiles. But oyu will ahve to fight some dangerous Illagers to acquire the totems.

It is probably not the worst idea if you bring at least one stack of placeable blocks, just to make sure if you need to wall off a section from a dangerous enemy, or maybe use them to mark where you’ve explored already. Nether terrain can also be pretty unpredictable, so having some extra blocks to create pathways is always nice.

Fire Resistance

As we have already established, the Bastion remnant is located in the Nether. This is a realm full of fire and lava. Naturally, you should prepare yourself by utilizing the fire resistance feature in Minecraft. I recommend you create some Fire Resist potions, and also prepare yourself with the proper Fire Resist enchantments.

Exploring the Bastion Remnant

The Bastion is full of dangers, but it also houses untold riches you’ve never seen before. Piglins are obsessed with gold, so much so that they are willing to attack anyone who does not wear any gold. They also hoard all the gold they collected and conquered during their exploration of the realm in treasure rooms that can be found inside Bastion Remnants. When you get there, you will have to navigate treacherous pathways and bridges filled with hostile mobs on your way to the treasure room. After all your hard work, you shall be rewarded with multiple treasure chests and gold blocks.

Final Thoughts

Bastion remnants are some of the later large structures added by Mojang to the game. They add another layer of complexity to the Nether, with Piglins roaming around like they own the place. I am of the opinion that there could never be too much large structures to explore in Minecraft and I wholeheartedly encourage Mojang to add even more of them!


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