Which Anime Category Fits You (1)
Which Anime GENRE Fits Your Taste? Explore 30 exciting anime categories!
Did you know that anime has a vast array of genres, each with its own unique charm and appeal?From action-packed adventures to heart-warming romances, there’s something for everyone in the captivating...
Minecraft Monday: Cool Mods to spice up your game!
Minecraft is a game that is never the same. Every time you load up a new world, it randomly generates your world to give you a new experience! But even with random world creation, every Minecraft world...
Top 10 Best Animated Anime
Animation plays an important role in the world of anime, elevating storytelling and immersing viewers in extraordinary worlds beyond imagination. We explore the top 10 anime celebrated for their exceptional...
Diablo IV Beta Access live now!
Diablo IV’s early access for the special edition owners has started today, 4 days before the full launch on 6th of June.The Diablo series began almost thirty years ago, when the first game was...
What's the Anime Big 3? Uncover the Powerhouse Trio That Dominated the Anime Universe!
In a time when anime had yet to attain its current global popularity and mainstream recognition, three extraordinary series emerged! They forever changed the landscape of this beloved art form. The “Anime...
LCS Walkout: What does it mean for the LoL pro scene in NA?
After reports of organizations in the league wanting to opt out of fielding a roster in the developmental league, the LCS has confirmed that teams DID ask for the removal of said rule and that it will...
IEM Dallas - The first day of action!
IEM Dallas, hosted at the Dreamhack Dallas has officially started and the first day of group stage did not disappoint. Ganiming will update you on the first day of action and games yet to come!The format16...
Phantom Blade Zero: the mystery hit of the 2023 PlayStation Showcase
The 2023 PlayStation Showcase came and went, and out of the 25 trailers shown, the one that got us the most excited was something we neverexpected. The game is Phantom Blade Zero, developed by S-game....
Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater remake announced
At last the time has come, and I couldn’t be more excited! The rumors were true, as Konami has finally announced the remake of one of my favorite games of all time, naming it Metal Gear Solid Delta:...
Is this year’s Game of the Year already locked?
A lot of amazing games were in the mix for the Game of the year award in 2022, but eventually, Elden Ring from FromSoftware took home the award over the latest adventure of Kratos, GOW Ragnarok. But what...
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