Reborn as a Vending Machine Episode 1 – Recap and Review

Have you ever wondered how it would be like, if you would been reborn as a vending machine?

Me neither, but here we are.


Recap Reborn As A Vending Machine

Story of Reborn as a Vending Machine, Now I Wander the Dungeon, starts with our protagonist driving a bike. A quick unfortunate event leads him smashing into a vending machine and death.

As is it known for the isekai genre, our protagonist isn’t dead but awakes in a new world. You probably figured it out from the title of the article, but he was reborn as a vending machine. Many would be devastated in his shoes, but not him. In his past life, he was a fan of any and all vending machines ever made!

Sadly, he landed near a lake in nature all by himself. We finally hear him talk, well voicing classical vending lines. And that’s not all; he has all the powers of a vending machine. He can sell items, warm up food, cook ramen, and even switch his items. Now he has 900 points, which counts like his life force or electricity. He needs points to keep him running; he calculated that he needs 24 per day, which means he is good for a month. How does the vending machine acquire points? Simple, he needs to sell his items. Each point is worth about 100 yen, so he needs 2400 yen per day.

However, his streak of bad luck doesn’t end with his isolated location. A frog soldier unexpectedly arrives and starts attacking the vending machine, causing his points to deplete rapidly. Yet, our resourceful protagonist discovers he can spend his points not only to change his stock but also to use “magic.” So, he wisely invests in a protective barrier-like shield, thwarting the siege. But that leaves him with only 311 points.


With luck turning around, a young hunter girl named Lammis shows up. She got separated from her hunting squad and was starving. She braves up and tries buying food by inserting coins. The food tastes so good that she can’t stop buying, eating it, and, lastly, falling asleep.

As they interact, Lammis and the vending machine, now affectionately named Boxxo by the hunter girl, develop a unique means of communication. “Hello there” signifies a resounding yes, while “Too bad” conveys a definite no. Lammis, empowered with superhuman strength from her Blessing of Strength, decides to take Boxxo with her back to her home village. With Boxxo now abundantly stocked with points, he can resupply with various items, including crisps.

Upon arriving in the village, Boxxo quickly becomes a sensation, drawing more customers to the inn where he now stands. His reputation soars as he continues to accumulate points through delightful vending experiences.

However, the true challenge awaits, as Lammis finds herself lacking sufficient funds to use the Transfer Circle, a portal-like gateway out of the dungeon, that we now find they are in. To find a solution, she takes up work at the inn, while Boxxo’s presence continues to attract patrons and stack up points.

REVIEW Reborn As A Vending Machine

I must say I never asked myself a question: What it would be like if I was reborn as a vending machine? Some would say this is a bizarre question, the others that it is creative. That answer, you need to find by yourself.

Overall, it definitely stands out by the idea alone. It is an anime for which you can’t have any expectations. Which is kind a good. Comedy is well placed and not exaggerated, and “vending powers” are actually nicely executed. I still have my mind shaken for how quickly the protagonist, Boxxo, adapted to a new life thought.

This is one of the more unique stories that I watched and…I will be watching forward, you can’t blame me for wondering what will happen with Boxxo.

For the new watchers, I suggest going into a story with open head and not thinking too much.


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