Minecraft Monday: Everything You Need to Know About Villagers in Minecraft!

Welcome back to Ganiming, it’s time for another Minecraft Monday! It is a series released every Monday, where we talk about Minecraft! We’ve talked about a lot of things so far. Most recently we learned about some of the best Minecraft mods that make your life easier. They include some of the features we still can’t believe Mojang has not included in the vanilla game.

We’ve talked a lot about villagers so far in this series, notably how some very important farm builds can not function without them. I think it’s time we finally take a deeper dive into the world of villagers in Minecraft and learn more about how they function in the game.

Quick note: everything I will show you today is from the world played by me and 2 of my friends. We were using the Minecraft Realms feature which does not allow mods, so everything is vanilla. Everything on this server was built just before the cave update, which means version 1.17. We recently started playing on this Realm again, and we are currently in the process of updating the world to patch 1.20 with all the recent additions. Even though the world is quite old, all the mechanics regarding villagers in Minecraft still work to this day.

What are Villagers in Minecraft?

If you played Minecraft at least once in your life, you have probably already run into some villagers. They are passive mobs in Minecraft, which can be found in villages. Villages spawn randomly in several biomes, such as plains, deserts, taiga, snowy plains, savannas, and snowy taigas, but can also cross over into other biomes.

Villagers that spawn in the village are unemployed and only get a profession when they use a specific workstation, but we will talk more about that later. The number of villages is dependent on the number of buildings in said village.

Villagers can breed and interact with each other, and they can also trade with the player. Their outfits are dependent on the biome they spawn in and the profession they acquire. If they are killed, they drop no loot, but they do drop some experience.

How to Breed Villagers in Minecraft?

Yes, it’s true, you can breed villagers in Minecraft just like many other passive mobs. Breeding requires some conditions to be met beforehand. Adult villagers only breed during a specific time of day, they need to be willing to spawn a baby villager, and they also require beds with at least 2 empty blocks of space above them. Remember, the maximum number of villagers that can spawn in your breeding area is the same as the number of beds you set in there.

In the Java edition of the game, two villagers who are close to one another periodically enter mating mode if they have enough food and are not on cooldown from already spawning a baby. To ensure they have enough food, just drop a bunch of crops or bread on them and they will pick it up themselves and share it with each other. The appearance of the baby villager is dependent on the biome they spawn in, and they are always unemployed.

Behaviour of Villagers in Minecraft

Villagers’ behavior is very peculiar. Unemployed villagers usually leave their homes during the day and wander around the village exploring. They can be found inside or outside of houses making mumbling sounds. From time to time, they engage in socializing with other villagers, where they stare at each other for a couple of seconds, then move on. They tend to not travel too far away from their beds in a large village unless the job site or the gossip site is far from their bed.

Villagers run inside at night or during rain, while also closing doors behind them. If they have a bed available, they will sleep through the night, if not they will just wait out the night indoors.

Villagers flee from most of the hostile mobs that are in the range of 12 blocks. Exceptions to those mobs are skeletons and both spider varieties, as they are passive towards villagers.


They can actually store some information about the players in the form of gossip, which gets spread to other villagers in Minecraft when they socialize. There are 5 types of gossip, which depend on the player’s actions. Gossips generate value, which multiplies the player’s reputation inside the village. The higher reputation you have, the better prices you get when trading, and the less hostile iron golems are.

TypeCaused byAmount gainedDecayShare penaltyMax valueReputation multiplier
Major positiveCuring2001001005
Minor positiveCuring25152001
Minor negativeAttacking252020200-1
Major negativeKilling251010100-5

Keep in mind that trading or curing a villager increases reputation only for that one specific villager. But if you hit or even kill a villager, it generates major negative gossip in every villager within 16 blocks that witnessed your crime.

Every time a villager shares gossip, it is received by a lower amount than the original villager has it. Gossip also decays every 20 minutes, so if you made some enemies in the village, you could just wait it out.

Your reputation will be calculated by using the appropriate multiplier for each of your actions and putting those numbers together.  The higher your reputation the better! Also, keep in mind, iron golems will automatically target you if your reputation is below -100.

Villager Professions

Each villager can have a profession, except a nitwit. You can easily spot them by their unique clothing and by their title on top of the trading interface. These are the most useless villagers in the game, and I usually remove them from my builds.

Other villagers can choose a profession by claiming a specific workstation. Each workstation can be claimed by one villager, so the number of workers you will have depends on the workstations you build. A villager will lose his profession if you break his workstation unless you already traded with him. Now let’s take a look at every profession a villager can claim and how to get the workstations!

Every professional specialist offers you different trades. For each experience level, the villager will only trade you some of the trades listed below. In the Java edition, each villager can only have a maximum of 10 different trades, chosen randomly from the tables below.

The price that is listed for every trade can vary, as it is influenced by a couple of factors. The first is your reputation which we already covered. The second is if you protect the village from an Illager raid and earn yourself a Hero of the Village title. And lastly, you can cure a zombie villager back to a regular villager, with will grant you huge discounts only with that one villager.


A villager can become an armorer by working a blast furnace. This is the best source of diamond gear you can find in the game, as he trades you enchanted diamond armor at the Expert and Master levels.

LevelItem wantedAmount wantedItem givenAmount given
Emerald5Iron helmet1
Emerald9Iron chestplate1
Emerald7Iron leggings1
Emerald4Iron boots1
    ApprenticeIron ingot4Emerald1
Emerald3Chainmail leggings1
Emerald1Chainmail boots1
    JourneymanLava bucket1Emerald1
Emerald1Chainmail helmet1
Emerald4Chainmail chestplate1
  ExpertEmerald19-33Enchanted diamond leggings1
Emerald13-27Enchanted diamond boots1
    MasterEmerald13-27Enchanted diamond helmet1
Emerald21-35Enchanted diamond chestplate1


A villager can become a butcher by working a smoker. You can trade in some meat you collected while farming for emeralds.

LevelItem wantedAmount wantedItem givenAmount given
NoviceRaw Chicken14Emerald1
Raw Porkchop7Emerald1
Raw Rabbit4Emerald1
Emerald1Rabbit Stew1
Emerald1Cooked Porkchop5
Emerald1Cooked Chicken8
JourneymanRaw Mutton7Emerald1
Raw Beef10Emerald1
ExpertDried Kelp Block10Emerald1
MasterSweet berries10Emerald1


A villager can become a cartographer by working a cartography table. I usually use these guys to make incredible amounts of emeralds, by trading them paper and glass panes. They can also trade you the ocean explorer map and the woodland explorer map.

LevelItem wantedAmount wantedItem givenAmount given
Emerald7Empty Map1
ApprenticeGlass Pane11Emerald1
Emerald13Ocean Explorer Map1
Emerald14Woodland Explorer Map1
ExpertEmerald7Item Frame1
  Emerald  3   1
MasterEmerald8Globe banner pattern1


A villager can become a cleric by working a brewing stand. If you are too afraid of fighting Ender men, you can trade your emeralds for Ender pearls with him!

LevelItem wantedAmount wantedItem givenAmount given
NoviceRotten Flesh32Emerald1
Emerald1Redstone Dust2
ApprenticeGold Ingot3Emerald1
Emerald1Lapis Lazuli1
JourneymanRabbit’s Foot2Emerald1
Glass Bottle9Emerald1
Emerald5Ender Pearl1
MasterNether Wart22Emerald1
Emerald3Bottle o’ Enchanting1


A villager can become a farmer by working a composter. This is the villager who usually brings me the most money while playing Minecraft. You can trade him crops that grow on your farms for huge profits.

LevelItem wantedAmount wantedItem givenAmount given
Emerald1Pumpkin Pie4
Emerald1Suspicious Stew with a random effect1
MasterEmerald3Golden Carrot3
Emerald4Glistering Melon Slice3


A villager can become a fisherman by working a barrel. Here you can collect some emeralds by trading him the fish you found in the wilderness.

LevelItem wantedAmount wantedItem givenAmount given
Emerald, raw cod1,6Cooked Cod6
Emerald3Bucket of Cod1
ApprenticeRaw Cod15Emerald1
Emerald, raw salmon1, 6Cooked Salmon6
JourneymanRaw Salmon13Emerald1
Emerald8–22Enchanted Fishing Rod1
ExpertTropical Fish6Emerald1
One of 5 boats1Emerald1


A villager can become a fletcher by working a fletching table. He can become an awesome source of enchanted bows, crossbows, and tipped arrows.

LevelItem wantedAmount wantedItem givenAmount given
Emerald, gravel1, 10Flint10
Emerald7–21Enchanted Bow1
MasterTripwire Hook8Emerald1
Emerald8–22Enchanted Crossbow1
Emerald, arrow2, 5Tipped arrow5


A villager can become a leatherworker by working a cauldron. He can be a nice source of emeralds if you have extra leather lying around, but I usually use him to get saddles for my horses!

LevelItem wantedAmount wantedItem givenAmount given
Emerald3Leather Pants1
Emerald7Leather Tunic1
Emerald5Leather Cap1
Emerald4Leather Boots1
JourneymanRabbit Hide9Emerald1
Emerald7Leather Tunic1
Emerald6Leather Horse Armor1


A villager can become a librarian by working a lectern. This is the single most important villager you could have in your survival world. He can trade you enchanted books, which can boost your armor and gear!

LevelItem wantedAmount wantedItem givenAmount given
Emerald, book5–64, 1Enchanted Book1
Emerald, book5–64, 1Enchanted Book1
JourneymanInk Sac5Emerald1
Emerald, book5–64, 1Enchanted Book1
ExpertBook and Quill1Emerald1
Emerald, book5–64, 1Enchanted Book1
MasterEmerald20Name Tag1


A villager can become a mason by working a stonecutter. You can sell him your extra blocks of different stone types, such as granite and andesite.

LevelItem wantedAmount wantedItem givenAmount given
NoviceClay Ball10Emerald1
Emerald1Chiseled Stone Bricks4
Emerald1Polished Andesite4
Emerald1Polished Granite4
Emerald1Polished Diorite4
Emerald1Dripstone Block4
ExpertNether Quartz12Emerald1
Emerald1Any colored terracotta1
Emerald1Any colored glazed terracotta1
MasterEmerald1Quartz Pillar1
Emerald1Block of Quartz1


A villager can become a shepherd by working a loom. If you have a huge sheep farm, this is the best way to turn all of that wool into infinite emeralds!

LevelItem wantedAmount wantedItem givenAmount given
NoviceWhite Wool18Emerald1
Brown Wool18Emerald1
Black Wool18Emerald1
Gray Wool18Emerald1
ApprenticeBlack Dye12Emerald1
Gray Dye12Emerald1
Lime Dye12Emerald1
Light Blue Dye12Emerald1
White Dye12Emerald1
Emerald1Any color wool1
Emerald1Any color carpet4
JourneymanRed Dye12Emerald1
Light Gray Dye12Emerald1
Pink Dye12Emerald1
Yellow Dye12Emerald1
Orange Dye12Emerald1
Emerald3Any color bed1
ExpertGreen Dye12Emerald1
Brown Dye12Emerald1
Blue Dye12Emerald1
Purple Dye12Emerald1
Cyan Dye12Emerald1
Magenta Dye12Emerald1
Emerald3Any color blank banner1


A villager can become a toolsmith by working a smithing table. You’ll always want to have one of these in your survival world, as he will sell you enchanted pickaxes and other gear!

LevelItem wantedAmount wantedItem givenAmount given
Emerald1Stone Axe1
Emerald1Stone Shovel1
Emerald1Stone Pickaxe1
Emerald1Stone Hoe1
ApprenticeIron Ingot4Emerald1
Emerald6–20Enchanted Iron Axe1
Emerald7–21Enchanted Iron Shovel1
Emerald8–22Enchanted Iron Pickaxe1
Emerald4Diamond Hoe1
Emerald17–31Enchanted Diamond Axe1
Emerald10–24Enchanted Diamond Shovel1
MasterEmerald18–32Enchanted Diamond Pickaxe1


A villager can become a weaponsmith by working a grindstone. Another one of those villagers that you absolutely need, as he will sell you enchanted diamond axes and swords!

LevelItem wantedAmount wantedItem givenAmount given
Emerald3Iron Axe1
Emerald7–21Enchanted Iron Sword1
ApprenticeIron Ingot4Emerald1
Emerald17–31Enchanted Diamond Axe1
MasterEmerald13-27Enchanted diamond sword1

How to Cure a Zombie Villager?

To cure a zombie villager, you must splash it with a splash potion or with an arrow of weakness, and then immediately feed it a golden apple.

How to Transport Villagers in Minecraft?

You can easily transport villagers in Minecraft by using boats or railroads. Sometimes it can be a bit tricky to get them in, but it gets easier once you get the hang of it!

If you’re still here after a longer post than usual, then congratulations! You now know more about villagers in Minecraft than 95% of all Minecraft players. It’s a lot to keep in mind if you’re just starting, but knowing all of this will make your survival experience way easier! I couldn’t imagine playing my survival world without trading with villagers, as some things are extremely tiresome to find.

I hope this information proves useful to you! Did you like the post? Do you have an idea for the next Minecraft Monday topic? Which is your favorite villager feature? Let us know in the comments below!


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