Reign Of The Seven Spellblades Episode 1 – Recap and Review

Did you like Harry Potter?

Well, we have gotten the latest magical school anime Reign of the Seven Spellblades.


Recap of Reign of the Seven Spellblades

We are thrown into a new world full of magic and swords, where we start following Oliver Horn. He, with the other students are joining a Magic Academy named Kimberly. As they are on a way to the entrance ceremony, we see a bunch of magical beings along the way.

Troll attack

Among the group of students, a young girl named Katie becomes ensnared by an unknown enchantress. Helplessly drawn towards a rampaging troll, Katie’s impulsive sprint outpaces Oliver and the other students. In the nick of time, a samurai-clad girl leaps into action, interposing herself between Katie and the menacing troll. With quick thinking, Oliver concentrates and devises a plan. Three of his comrades conjure a powerful gust of wind above the troll, while Oliver employs the art of Dragonvoice—an ear-splitting roar resembling that of a real dragon. This ingenious strategy affords the samurai girl enough time to halt the troll’s advance. In her valiant attack, a remarkable power named Innocence Color is unveiled, as her hair turns an ethereal white, signifying the presence of potent mana flowing within her.

After a bit of rocky road to the academy, students finally arrive. We are greeted by the headmistress Esmeralda. She reassures them that the troll has been recaptured and the injured students have received treatment. Esmeralda proceeds to introduce the school, revealing that the duration of their education will span seven years (Yep, as in Harry Potter). However, she also imparts a sobering statistic: only 80% of Kimberly’s students successfully complete their studies, while the remaining 20% either perish or go missing. “Your life and death are in your own hands”, she keeps repeating.

Following the introductory ceremony, a banquet ensues, where our newfound companions from the encounter with the troll share a table. Let’s met this extraordinary group!

Let’s met the group of Reign of the Seven Spellblades

Michela McFarlane, the eldest daughter of the prestigious McFarlane family, can be identified by her golden tresses and curly ringlets. She conducts herself with the grace and poise befitting her royal lineage.

Katie Aalto, the girl bewitched by unknown forces, hails from the distant land of Farnland. Her unwavering curiosity and love extends to all creatures, dangerous and kind.

Guy Greenwood, the red-haired member of the group, stems from a lineage of magical farmers. His expertise lies in the realm of plants, and everything related to their cultivation.

Pete Reston, the soft-spoken individual, hails from a non-magical family and harbours an insatiable love for books. Imagine Hermione from Harry Potter.

Oliver Horn, who resides with his relatives, has cousins who already attend Kimberly and have regaled him with tales of the academy. He excels in the art of customizing spells and discovering innovative ways to employ them.

Nanao Hibiya, born into a samurai family, is the heroic samurai girl who saved the day. Destined to meet a grim fate on the battlefield, she was rescued by a passing mage—none other than Michaela’s father, who also serves as a part-time lecturer at Kimberly. Nanao is among the rare few who gained entrance to the academy without undergoing the customary entrance exam. The academy’s esteemed teachers can recommend exceptional students, and it was Michaela’s father who championed Nanao’s cause.

End of the first episode

After a brief time lapse, we find ourselves in the early morning hours, where Oliver and Pete share a room as roommates. Deciding to take a morning walk, Oliver attracts the attention of a covert operative who tails him. The operative, known as Teresa Carste, was dispatched by Oliver’s brother (he calls his cousins brother and sister). Despite the encounter, Oliver continues his walk and arrives at the fountain, where he unexpectedly encounters Nanao bathing. Her back bears the scars and wounds inflicted by the war. To safeguard her privacy, Oliver conjures a protective barrier around them, shielding Nanao from prying eyes. Engaging in a brief conversation, Oliver extends a kind gesture by offering Nanao his school coat.

Review the Reign of the Seven Spellblades

We can’t judge a book by its cover, and so the anime by first episode. However, the magical school anime genre has become increasingly saturated. Will Reign of the Seven Spellblades manage to distinguish itself? Only time will tell.

In most anime of this nature, we are typically thrust into a seemingly safe and ordinary school setting, only to be “surprised” by the emergence of perilous circumstances. What intrigued me about Reign of the Seven Spellblades was how the headmistress chose to emphasize the dangers from the outset, placing the introduction as a secondary concern. The characters, as far as I can tell, possess a diverse range of personalities, serving as a solid foundation for further development. I appreciated Katie’s inclination to defend the oppressed trolls, contrasting with the resilient and pragmatic mindset of Guy. As for the main character, Oliver, we have yet to uncover much about him, apart from his creative nature and kind appearance.

In terms of animation, it neither disappointed nor revolutionized the genre. The standout animation sequence, in my opinion, was the depiction of Dragonvoice, which evoked the majestic presence of a wind dragon.

All in all, Reign of the Seven Spellblades delivered a satisfactory first episode, providing an engaging introduction to its world. It proved to be an easily digestible and comprehensible viewing experience. Moving forward, I hope to witness further character development in the upcoming episodes, delving deeper into their intricacies and motivations.

Is there a trailer?

Here it is!

How many episodes will there be?

Reign of the Seven Spellblades will drop with a 13 episode first season order, with one episode releasing a week.

Where can i watch it?

You can watch it on Crunchyroll.


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