Minecraft Monday: Minecraft Mods that Should be Standard Features!

Welcome back to Ganiming, it’s time for another Minecraft Monday! It is a series released every Monday, where we take our time and talk about Minecraft! We’ve already covered some awesome Minecraft mods in our series, which give your world a fresh experience. They take your classic vanilla Minecraft experience, put it on steroids, and make you feel like you just spawned in an entirely new game!

Well, today we will bring to you some of the Minecraft mods that are more focused on quality-of-life improvements. When we are done you will for sure ask yourselves ‘Wait, why the hell isn’t this in the vanilla game already?’ I know that I will definitely be installing these mods on my next Minecraft server.

Quick note: Before we continue, I must firmly advise you that you only download Minecraft mods from trustworthy sites, such as CurseForge. If you download mods from random websites which you are not sure you can trust, your downloads could easily include malware and hurt your computer. Every mod I talk about in this post is linked to its original CurseForge download spot for your convenience. By using the official page you also support the creators of these mods!

1. Sit

Sit is one of the more simple Minecraft mods. It allows you to sit on some blocks, such as slabs or stairs, and use them as chairs! All you have to do is right-click on the top side of a slab or a stair block with an empty hand, and you will sit on it. To exit, you can use the same button you use to exit a boat or a horse, by default that should be the shift button.

The Sit mod is available for Forge and is updated to the latest Minecraft version!

2. Stacking Potions

Yeah, I find it really annoying too that you can’t stack your potions. My inventory is already filled enough with all the tools and different weapons, if I make some potions to make my life easier, I can barely collect any loot. And don’t even get me started on the storage place they take up. The stacking potions mod solves this problem, as it allows you to stack your potions up to 64!

The Stacking Potions mod is available for Forge and is updated to the 1.19.2 version.

3. Vein Mining

Imagine: you are strip mining, looking for those valuable resources. And suddenly you run into a huge vein of coal, which the hoarder in you just can’t pass up. The vein mining Minecraft mod makes mining so much easier, as it allows you to mine the whole vein instantly! It adds the Vein Mining enchantment to the game. When you put it on your pickaxe, all you have to do is mine one block in the vein, and you will instantly mine the whole vein!

The Vein Mining mod is available for Forge, Fabric, and Quilt, and is updated to the 1.20.1 version!

4. Traveler’s Backpack

Tired of quickly filling up your inventory when exploring? Well, not anymore! The traveler’s backpack mod allows you to use backpacks to carry more stuff! The fully upgraded backpack gives you 52 inventory slots and 2 fluid tanks, which can both store multiple buckets and potions! The backpack has to be upgraded to reach such capacity though, which can be done at the smithing table with the same materials you would normally upgrade your armor.

You won’t have to sacrifice your chest plate armor piece to wear a backpack – your inventory will gain a special backpack slot! That means you get to carry your backpack over any armor piece in the game. You can also use crafting inside of the backpack’s inventory, or even pull out a sleeping bag to sleep through the night (it even won’t reset your spawn point).

The Traveler’s Backpack mod is available on Forge and is updated to the 1.20.1 version!

5. Gravestone Mod

Raise your hand if this happened to you before. You leave your base and travel thousands of blocks to go exploring. As you are running through the world, you mess up and fall into a ravine and die. Your stuff gets scattered all around the ravine, and because your run from base takes very long, all your stuff despawns. Well, not anymore!

The gravestone mod is a simple Minecraft mod, which creates a gravestone whenever you die. Everything that you had in your inventory at the time of death gets stored in your gravestone and will wait for you there until you retrieve it. But be careful, if you die again, your gravestone will despawn and create a new one with whatever you had in inventory at the time of your second death. This is definitely one of my favorite Minecraft mods.

The Gravestone mod is available for Forge and is updated to the 1.20.1 version!

6. Xaero’s Minimap

Finally, you can have a minimap in Minecraft! Xaero’s minimap is the first rotating square minimap for Minecraft, and it also has an option for a circle-shaped minimap. There are a lot of customizable settings, some of them include the display of surrounding mobs and even adding your own waypoints! You can read more about the features of this mod on the Curseforge page.

The Xaero’s Minimap mod is available for Forge, Fabric, and Quilt, and is updated to the 1.20.1 version!

7. Carry On

Don’t you find it funny how you can carry cubic meters of gold in your pocket, but you can’t lift a full chest and place it somewhere else? This Minecraft mod aims to fix that, as it allows you to pick up, carry, and place single block Tile Entities (chests, furnaces, droppers, etc). You can use the features with your bare hands, no items are needed. It also allows you to carry small mobs!

The Carry On mod is available for Forge and Fabric, and is updated to the 1.20.1 version!

8. Serene Seasons

Serene Seasons is a Minecraft mod that adds seasons to the game! Grass and foliage colors will change according to the current season. The mod also allows for the snow to fall during the winter in biomes that are usually free of snow. Even the temperatures will shift in the winter and affect your crop growth. Be careful of summers though, as there will be more storms during that season just like in real life!

The Serene Seasons mod is available for Forge and is updated to the 1.20.1 version!

9. Trash Cans

Do you find yourself stuck with a ton of useless items you know you will never need and don’t know where to store them? I feel you; my storage gets filled with some random blocks way too often too. The Trash Can Minecraft mod solves the issue, as it allows you to completely void the items you have no need for!

The Trash Cans mod is available for Forge and Fabric, and is updated to the 1.20.1 version!

10. HT’s TreeChop

HT’s TreeChop allows you to chop down a tree by hitting the same log over and over again. When you finally destroy that one block of a tree, the whole tree will be chopped down, giving you all its wood! It adds a bit more realism to the game and makes your life easier, so you don’t have to climb and maneuver around the tree to break all its blocks. The larger the tree is, the more chopping you will have to do in order to bring it down.

The HT’s TreeChop mod is available for both Forge and Fabric, and is updated to the 1.19.4 version!

These 10 Minecraft mods are mostly very simple. They offer tons of quality-of-life changes on your server and add some stuff that should definitely already be in the vanilla game. My favorite mod out of the ones mentioned today has got to be the Gravestone mod. Even if I die in a freak lava accident, my stuff will safely wait for me to come get it back. Which Minecraft mod is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!


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