Minecraft Monday: How to Cure a Zombie Villager?

When you and your friends start a new Minecraft server, each of you will usually take on some of the essential tasks. The first person’s job is to mine resources, the second one should gather food, while someone else should take on the role of a builder. Starting a new civilization while playing Minecraft might seem tedious at first, but if you and your squad work together, you’ll have fun no matter what!

Eventually, there will be a time, when you will have to set up the backbone of your world’s economy. Of course, I am talking about the villager trade district! Trading with villagers is probably the most important part of your world. You can trade them your surplus materials and crops, and in exchange, they will give you emeralds. You can then use those emeralds to get enchantments, gear, armor, weapons, and much more!

But more often than not, their services are very expensive. One of the ways to adjust their prices is by allowing zombies to turn them into zombie villagers, and then turning them back! And this is just what we will talk about today!

What is a Zombie Villager?

A zombie villager is a type of zombie, that can usually be cured into a regular villager. The easiest way you can get a zombie villager in your Minecraft world is by allowing a zombie to kill one of your villagers. Simple right? But creating a zombie villager I dependent on the difficulty you are playing on. If you are playing on easy difficulty, sadly there is no chance for the villager to turn into a zombie villager. If you are on normal difficulty your chance is 50%, and if you are playing on hard the villager will always turn into a zombie villager if killed by a zombie.

You can also find a naturally spawned zombie villager in the world. If you run into an igloo while exploring the world, in its basement you will find both a regular cleric villager and a cleric zombie villager. If you’re lucky enough to run into an abandoned village, some zombie villagers might be found wandering around them. Naturally spawned zombie villagers also have a chance to spawn with some gear. The gear usually includes an iron shovel, sword, or a random armor piece.

Zombie villagers usually behave the same as normal zombies do. The difference is that the ones that are converted from villagers retain the same profession and clothes as the original villager.

Baby Zombie Villager

Yup, zombie villagers can come in baby form as well, and usually, they are scarier than regular ones. They are 30% faster than normal zombies, but they still have the same HP, which can make them a serious threat. If that isn’t enough for you, they can also fit into 1×1 block gaps and have decreased hitboxes. They can also start riding other mobs when they spawn, of which the most famous one is a baby zombie riding a chicken. That mob is known as a chicken jockey.

How to Turn a Zombie Vilalger Into a Regular Villager?

When I was younger, I always thought curing a zombie villager was tough, but it really isn’t. But you will need to prepare a couple of things before you will be able to do so.

The first thing you need is to give them the effect of weakness. The easiest way to achieve this is to throw a splash potion of weakness at them, but you can also try and use a lingering potion. An arrow of weakness could also be used, but you do risk killing the zombie villager with it.

Once you have weakened the zombie villager, you now need to heal it. This can be achieved by giving the villager a non-enchanted golden apple. The weakness debuff will go away and be replaced by the strength buff for the duration of the curing. The zombie villager will then need a couple of minutes to be fully cured. But be careful, as during the curing process it will still behave as a regular zombie, but this time with the strength buff.

Now that the villager is finally cured, you can check its trading inventory if it had a profession, and you should see major discounts for any purchases. But the profession will only remain if you have previously already traded with the villager.

Final Thoughts

It’s true, you could get a huge discount for protecting the village from a raid and be named a Hero of the Village. But that usually requires you to be fully equipped with the best armor and weapons, especially if you’re playing on hard difficulty. To cure a zombie villager, all you need is a potion and a golden apple, it couldn’t get simpler than that!

Have you ever cured a zombie villager before? Did a baby zombie ever ruin your day as well? Or perhaps you want to just say hi? Talk to us in the comments below!


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